Multicultural weddings can often be incredibly complex as guest lists can easily exceed 500. It is essential that you choose a planner who is experienced in multicultural weddings so that you experience a stress-free wedding planning journey. An experienced multicultural wedding planner has the ability to orchestrate weddings on this scale. They will also have the right team of people to ensure they can deliver you the perfect wedding you desire.

Bespoke Events & Hire recognise their clients have busy lifestyles. Whether they come from a busy family or are simply working professionals. They don’t have the time to plan and execute the wedding they have always dreamt of. This is where Bespoke Events & Hire can step in and guide you along your amazing wedding planning journey. Let your wedding planner help you plan the perfect wedding you truly deserve. They  have the knowledge and experience to plan and co-ordinate all types of religious and multicultural wedding.

From experience,  they have worked on many weddings such as Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Arabian, African/Caribbean and so forth. It is essential when hiring a wedding planner that they have an excellent understanding about different cultures about traditions. Bespoke Events & Hire recognise this and took the time to educate themselves so that they have a clear understanding about their clients. They love getting to their clients on a personal level too so that they can get to know their personalities, likes and tastes. Therefore. they can plan and deliver weddings that is tailored to each couple and like no other wedding.

Sometimes when planning weddings around cultures it can become very complicated and stressful for couples. This is when you use your wedding planner as a number one go-to person and alleviate your all of your stress. Wedding planners areexperts at dealing with problems. They don’t only work for you, they work with you to ensure you enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey.

With a wealth of such excellent reviews, it gives our clients the confidence they need to trust that by hiring Bespoke Events & Hire as their wedding planner, they can deliver their promises. Heidi is also trained with The UK Wedding & Event Planning Academy which supports her ability to plan and execute any type or sized event. She has also worked alongside many other Asian wedding suppliers to ensure that she is providing her clients with the only best service they deserve. Often, wedding planners benefit from discounts when hiring other suppliers within the wedding industry such as decoration hire, staging, toastmasters and so forth. Bespoke Events & Hire pass this discounts onto their clients so that they can save a huge amount of money in the long run. The amount that clients can save by hiring a wedding planner can often cover the fee of hiring a planner!